Sunshine Inclusive Playhouse is a non-profit organization and is first inclusive indoor playground in Saskatchewan. Sunshine is a place for children and adults with wide-ranging ability levels to play and grow together. As the only special needs playhouse in Saskatoon, uniquely planned with sensory based toys and equipment that are specifically selected and designed to support a range of abilities. It will benefit both children and adults as a place to come together, learn from each other, grow and succeed in a safe and educational environment. We welcome and encourage inclusivity and diversity, we can all play and grow together!


Sunshine Inclusive Playhouse in Saskatoon is a place for
Children and adults with disabilities are supported and allowed to grow, succeed and develop to their full potential



Sunshine Inclusive playhouse  creates a diverse and inclusive environment that meets the sensory and emotional needs of people with a wide range of abilities.



Inclusive play    Self-identity   Emotional well-being
Fostering of friendships       Feel included
Enhance quality of life for children,families and communities
Address the physical and social inclusion of people of all ages and abilities