Why Sunshine Inclusive Playhouse

Sunshine Inclusive Playhouse will be a place for children and adults with wide-ranging disability levels to play and grow together. As the only special needs playhouse in Saskatoon, uniquely planned with sensory based toys and equipment that are specifically selected and designed to support a range of disabilities. It will benefit both children and adults as a place to come together, learn from each other, grow and succeed in a safe and educational environment.

Specialized pieces of sensory equipment are:

Zip line with swing

Sky Island nest swing

Wheelchair swing

Hangout hugged Pod Swing

Tube swing

Cuddle swing

Bilateral bolster swing

Steamroller ramp

Steamroller deluxe

LED light /vibration Sensory Ball Pool

Crawling tunnel

Aquarium Sensory glow corner with bubble tube


Touch to Play

Climbing Wall

Please note: most  equipment at Sunshine Inclusive Playhouse can hold up to 400lb